Thursday, May 14, 2015

DP Consulting Group Singapore PTE LTD: Profile - DP Design

DP Design (DPD), incorporated in 1982, offers interior design, space planning and project management services for large scale mega-projects both domestically and abroad.

DPD creates interior spaces in direct response to a building’s intrinsic architectural and formal relationships. Rather than treating interiors as isolated design project, it is seen as an extension of the architecture. DPD seeks to preserve and underline the natural behaviour of a building, as interior architects working with project-specific materials, lighting conditions and planning techniques.

DPD serves this role in two ways, depending on its engagement in a building’s design process.

* At conception stage, DPD will help to mould the overall building in a holistic manner to achieve particular internal conditions, more suitable for better user experiences.
* For completed buildings, DPD will re-work internal spaces in an innovative manner to achieve functionality and personality of the spaces in line with the existing architecture.

The intimate participation of architects in the formation of a building’s interior design strengthens a visitor’s sense of identification with it. DPD works to support DP Architects in achieving holistic design practices. When interior designers have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with building architects from conception to completion of a project, a building’s character and functionality can be realised to its full potential.

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