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People at DP Group of Companies


Francis Lee is experienced in the design development and management of mega-projects, having led the design for Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre and serving as Project Director for The Dubai Mall. Under his charge, the SGD1.5 billion Central Zone development at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) was successfully completed ahead of schedule. Francis is currently overseeing the project management of RWS West Zone, a development with an estimated construction cost of SGD515 million. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of DP Architects since 2004, overseeing the company’s strategic direction and growth.

CHAN SHELT TSONG (Contracts Director)

Chan Shelt Tsong joined DP Architects in 2008 as Contracts Director for Resorts World Sentosa (Central Zone), handling the construction of four hotels and a casino. After its successful completion, he was reassigned to continue in the same position for the next phase, West Zone, while overseeing the resolution of all Central Zone claims and disputes. During his time at Obayashi Corporation as the Deputy General Manager (Contracts), he facilitated the successful outcome of various complex contractual situations in the Singapore Management University and One Raffles Quay projects. Shelt Tsong’s portfolio also includes Changi Airport Terminal 1, Marina Centre and Universal Studios Singapore.

LISA HUI (CONTRACTS - Associate Director)

Lisa Hui’s experience working on The Dubai Mall and collaborating with reputable overseas consultants on mega United Arab Emirates projects has provided her with a good understanding of international standard project management services. Other key completed projects include Universal Studios Singapore and Republic Polytechnic. Lisa currently manages the progress of the Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa, which sees her working closely with client representatives, government bodies and statutory boards while overseeing the construction process. With a background in quantity survey, she supervises contractual resolution and commercial negotiations, allowing her an overview of every aspect of the project.


Leonard Cheok was involved in the construction, coordination and contract administration of Republic Polytechnic. He also played a key role in Resorts World Sentosa (Central Zone) where he worked closely with the planners, contract administrator and QS consultant in the review and assessment of delays, cost control management, procurement and scheduling, and packaging of works. Leonard’s portfolio spans various building types and includes MINDS school and Bukit Gombak Indoor Stadium. His current responsibilities include the review of consultancy services agreements and contractor appointment letters, and overseeing the project coordination and contract administration of Resorts World Sentosa (West Zone). Other ongoing projects include mixed-use medical facility Connexion and the new MediaCorp complex at Mediapolis.

TAN TENG SIEW (Senior Associate)

Tan Teng Siew has managed a wide range of building projects which have won numerous awards including BCA Construction Excellence Award and SIA Façade Award. He played a major role in obtaining the Temporary Occupation Permits for Universal Studios Singapore and Central Zone of Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), and was instrumental in driving the defects rectification work in the latter. Teng Siew was integral to the successful handover of the four Central Zone hotels in RWS and was the project manager of Equarius Hotel, Beach Villas and the Espa Villas in RWS West Zone. His current undertakings include Twin Peaks and The Minton condominiums.


Tapang Bernard Lansang is a Civil Engineering graduate with 21 years of experience in project execution and construction planning in Singapore, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines. He has worked with large-scale civil engineering and building projects such as wharf, airport facilities, dry dock, MRTs, oil rigs and lately, one of the integrated resorts in Singapore. At DP Consultants, Bernard has not only reinforced his experience in construction planning but also project management. He is currently involved in the SGD6.5 billion Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore, looking into the planning and programming of the project. Other ongoing projects include River Safari river-themed wildlife park, also in Singapore.

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DP Group of Companies: DP Infrastructure

DP Infrastructure (DPI) is endowed with a diverse set of experiences and a range of expertise in planning, architectural design and fit-outs for infrastructure projects including Rail and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines, Road Transport, Airports, Telecommunications and special purpose industrial buildings.

DPI is a wholly owned subsidiary of DP Architects and supported by the DP group of companies – a multi-disciplinary design consultancy that includes DP Consultants, DP Design, DP Engineers and DP Green.

DP Architects was an early pioneer of infrastructure works in Singapore, with projects such as SingTel building in 1970 (then known as Orchard Telephone Exchange) and the first metro contract ever awarded by the LTA (then Mass Rapid Transit Corporation) of Singapore, Bishan Depot.

At a project’s initial planning and exploratory stages, DPI supplements its own skills with the extensive urban planning and urban design experience provided by DP Architects and the associated DP Consultants. These services commence with assisting the client to initiate a project brief or analysing a given brief, conducting Feasibility Studies, Concept Planning, Budget Development, Project Team Assembly, Project Scheduling, Quality Planning and Implementation Programming. At later stages of a project, DPI also assists with Contract Procurement methods, Cost and Programme Control, Quality Assurance and Post-Contract Management.

DP Consultants Singapore PTE LTD: Projects

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Category: Recreational & Civic
Country: Singapore
Year of Completion: 2012
Client: Resorts World Sentosa Pte Ltd

Resort World Sentosa’s (RWS) Adventure Cove Waterpark is an aquatic adventure park consisting of six water slides, a wave pool, kids play zone, interactive splash pool and a 820 metre long winding thematic lazy river, that is assimilated with the Marine Life Park and Dolphin Pool attractions that are open to sky.

As Singapore’s first integrated resort that possesses series of extreme rides and attractions, the water theme park rides played a vital role in contribution to the refinement of today’s authority codes, standards definition, submission-approval and licensing processes for future developments. DP Consultant’s (DPC) had to ensure that construction took place within suitable standards of safety and quality both from the point of view of resources and time as well as the contract parameters prescribed by RWS.

With that, DP Consultants had to address and overcome challenges of strict micro targets and close tracking and coordination control of multiple construction and system processes timelines; coupled with the project, resources and contracts dynamics, challenging site utilization permissibility with limited ingress and egress points for access, restrictive manoeuvring within the laterally dense building-up of specialty works and attractions, all within close proximity of the partially opened and operating attractions and hospitality buildings already receiving guest..

Whilst the coordination and planning of construction activities are the fundamental requirements of the contractor, DPC needed a thorough understanding of the construction processes to identify and prevent potential risks that may compromise the client’s objectives. DPC undertook advanced planning of engagements with agencies to manage the potential risks that could arise under various project circumstances and completion states, so that the series of TOP approval milestones were not derailed.

DPC adopted diverse and innovative techniques to propel the project forward within an accelerated timeline. Critical Path Analysis, continuous Risk Assessment Checks and Mitigations, and various forms of Program Evaluation & Review Techniques were employed throughout various stages of the project to ascertain that all required works were completed effectively and efficiently within time and the structured contractual context.

Additionally, DPC adopted a holistic approach to Project Management that not only involved the standard PM tools, systems and processes, but also the use of psychological and motivational tools including the generation of eye catching posters with memorable slogans to steer and align the entire Project Team towards common goals.

Marine Life Park & SEA Aquarium

Category: Recreational & Civic
Country: Singapore
Year of Completion: 2012
Client: Resorts World Sentosa Pte Ltd
Size: 9,400sqm

Resorts World Sentosa’s (RWS) Marine Life Park and SEA Aquarium houses one of the Worlds largest aquariums and 49 smaller habitats that feature more than 100,000 marine animals from over 800 species. The major marine life attractions and exhibits involved intense design, procurement strategy planning within Client’s requirements, specialist technical coordination, site management, on and off-site logistics planning, progress supervision and construction support to supplement the main contractor.

The achievements in construction, testing, commissioning and operational readiness of these aquatic tanks, marine life pool attractions and its filtration system (processing an approximately 43 million cubic litre of water) proved to be challenging for the remaining West Zone components as works continued within a partially operating integrated resort.

It was a complicated and intricate fusion of many specialist subcontractor works that had to be managed correctly as they had marginal or absolute zero tolerances for errors due to restrictive timelines. Specialist works included (but not limited to):

* Extensive tanking and PTFE canopy structures
* Large logistic movement programming for deliveries
* On-site annealing & installation of acrylic panels
* Stack building up of large life support infrastructures, equipment & system assemblies (LSS) in tight spaces
* In-tank Creative thematic artificial environmental rockscape and coral works
* Filtration system testing
* Preparation of tanks to introduce the aquatic species.

Resorts World Sentosa

Category: Master Plan & Urban Design, Mixed-used Development, Recreational & Civic
Country: Singapore
Year of Completion: 2012
Client: Resorts World at Sentosa Pte Ltd
Size: 49ha (Overall Resorts World Sentosa)

Designed by one of the World’s 9th largest Architectural firms, DP Architects Pte Ltd in collaboration with Michael Graves & Associates (MGA), Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is Asia’s ultimate destination resort, located on Sentosa Island.

Spanning across 49 hectares, it is home to two mega attractions. Southeast Asia’s first-and-only Universal Studios theme park, and the Marine Life Park which comprises the SEA Aquarium (one of the world’s largest aquariums) and the Adventure Cove Waterpark. Other attractions include a Maritime Experiential Museum, an award-winning luxury spa, Singapore’s first casino, seven unique hotels, the Resorts World Convention Centre, celebrity chef restaurants and specialty retail outlets.

DP Consultants (DPC) spearheaded the Consultant Team and its Senior Project Managers led more than 500 personnel through multiple components on this fast track development. DPC’s strategy to resolving challenging issues was seen through implementing innovative change control procedures. By managing all Consultants and Contractors on site, successful completion of RWS was seen in less than 5 years for the 2 major work zones. The first zone, The Central Zone (2008-2010), comprised the infrastructure, basement, four hotels, F&B, retail outlets, attractions and the casino. Then from 2010 to 2012, the second West Zone was completed comprising of additional basements, three hotel components, spa, F&B, the Marine Life Park & Aquarium, the Water Theme Park & Maritime Museum.

As the Lead Consultant on the project, DPC was in charge of managing the overall process from design coordination through to construction management. The practice of adopting fresh approaches to management enabled DP Consultants to ensure successful and timely procurement management for more than 100 NSC and direct-works packages for both Central and West Zone main-contracts respectively. This also involved scope interfacing, site operations coordination, statutory compliance checks, clearances as well as management of full contract administration processes with various consultants and Specialist Teams.

Maritime Experiential Museum

Category: Recreational & Civic
Country: Singapore
Year of Completion: 2011
Client: Resorts World Sentosa Pte Ltd

The Maritime Experiential Museum (MEMA) component of the RWS works was given the privilege to house the Jewel of Muscat, an Omani Dhow which was a gift from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos of Oman to Singapore, forming part of the curatorial exhibits. This life size Dhow was incorporated into the design after commencement of the works, and when major superstructure were already underway. Work methods and sequences had to be adjusted to cater for the logistics receiving operations, such as landing and the internal manoeuvring of the Dhow, planning access through the building envelope, major lifting operations to its installation platform in the midst of on-going construction works.

The delivery of the Dhow was closely monitored by DPC in line with the on-going construction progress. Detailed studies and preparation works were planned in close liaison with the assigned logistics movers for the transportation and movement of the Dhow.

DPC also facilitated ‘dry runs’ in advance of its actual arrival to simulate the lifting and manoeuvring operations through very tight and limited access points / openings into the building, through to the final location to ensure that there was no room for failure, reversed works and damages to this precious gift.

World Resort Sentosa – Multiple Hotels

Category: Master Plan & Urban Design, Mixed-used Development, Recreational & Civic
Country: Singapore
Year of Completion: 2010, 2011
Client: Resorts World Sentosa Pte Ltd
Size: 49ha (Overall Resorts World Sentosa)

Meticulous Program Management was critical in the successful completion of Resort World Sentosa’s (RWS) multiple hotels and hospitality components. DP Consultant’s (DPC) Program Management services involved providing extensive knowledge and experience in developing leisure destinations and resorts for the purpose of strategically planning and guiding the project through a successful opening.

DPC experienced perspectives assisted the Client in making timely and appropriate business decisions affecting the credibility and economic viability of the project. One of the many requirements was to achieve multiple Temporary Occupation Permits (TOP) over a compressed timeline. DP Consultants led the team through developing, implementing and controlling the stringent program to reach phase completion and achieve progressive state of operations.

The Fullerton Hotel

Category: Hospitality
Country: Singapore
Year of Completion: 2001
Client: Sino Land Co (HK) Ltd
Size: 50,800sqm

The Fullerton Hotel is a restoration and adaptive re-use project that required collaboration among its design consultants.

As project managers, a close working relationship with the architect was established to ensure that the conservation guidelines were adhered to. Much of the exterior of the building required conservation, while certain parts of the interior were also retained and refurbished.

The restoration of the building required strengthening of the existing structure of the building. The project management team guided the structural engineers to achieve this without compromising the design intent of the project.

The team was also tasked to work closely with the interior designers to create a unique experience for the hotel guests. The scope of work included the selection of the furniture, layout of the guestrooms and public spaces, and commissioning of art work.

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DP Consulting Group Singapore PTE LTD: Profile


DPC provides comprehensive management services through all phases of a project from pre-development to post-construction. The group offers a wide range of professional services focusing on the successful delivery of building projects that include retail, hospitality and institutional buildings (to name a few).

DPC leverages on DPA’s experience in the fields of planning and design for cost-efficient, functional and user-friendly developments and mega-projects worldwide. Working in proximity allows DPC and DPA to collaborate closely, reaping the benefits of shared-knowledge. This holistic approach improves the cross-disciplinary capabilities of both teams, which is further optimised in projects where both DPC and DPA are appointed for. DPC also has at its disposal the diverse skill sets and resources of its sister companies within the multi-disciplinary DP Group.

DPC’s mission of ‘excellence through management’ is achieved due to its people’s abilities to anticipate and resolve complex project issues.


DPC brings together a specialist team of experts from varying construction professional backgrounds and experiences, that when combined forms a formidable breadth of knowledge in all sectors of design, contract and construction typology, from the relatively simple stand-alone Condominium development to the complex mixed use projects of which the collective multi Main Contract packages for Resorts World Sentosa is a major prime example.

Our people have a diversity of skills and qualifications in Project Management, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Civil & Structural Engineering, Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing Engineering, Landscaping, Façade Management, Construction & Building Management, Programming and Contracts Administration, Site Superintendents and Commercial experts giving a more multi-disciplinary appreciation of the challenges of a Project Design Team, and an intimate knowledge of the construction methods utilised by the Industry.

They are an innovative, pro-active team with an implicit understanding of the construction industry. Championing the firm’s philosophy of providing a successful conclusion to all projects, DPC repeatedly exceed client expectations by providing “excellence through management”.