Wednesday, April 29, 2015

People at DP Group of Companies


Francis Lee is experienced in the design development and management of mega-projects, having led the design for Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre and serving as Project Director for The Dubai Mall. Under his charge, the SGD1.5 billion Central Zone development at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) was successfully completed ahead of schedule. Francis is currently overseeing the project management of RWS West Zone, a development with an estimated construction cost of SGD515 million. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of DP Architects since 2004, overseeing the company’s strategic direction and growth.

CHAN SHELT TSONG (Contracts Director)

Chan Shelt Tsong joined DP Architects in 2008 as Contracts Director for Resorts World Sentosa (Central Zone), handling the construction of four hotels and a casino. After its successful completion, he was reassigned to continue in the same position for the next phase, West Zone, while overseeing the resolution of all Central Zone claims and disputes. During his time at Obayashi Corporation as the Deputy General Manager (Contracts), he facilitated the successful outcome of various complex contractual situations in the Singapore Management University and One Raffles Quay projects. Shelt Tsong’s portfolio also includes Changi Airport Terminal 1, Marina Centre and Universal Studios Singapore.

LISA HUI (CONTRACTS - Associate Director)

Lisa Hui’s experience working on The Dubai Mall and collaborating with reputable overseas consultants on mega United Arab Emirates projects has provided her with a good understanding of international standard project management services. Other key completed projects include Universal Studios Singapore and Republic Polytechnic. Lisa currently manages the progress of the Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa, which sees her working closely with client representatives, government bodies and statutory boards while overseeing the construction process. With a background in quantity survey, she supervises contractual resolution and commercial negotiations, allowing her an overview of every aspect of the project.


Leonard Cheok was involved in the construction, coordination and contract administration of Republic Polytechnic. He also played a key role in Resorts World Sentosa (Central Zone) where he worked closely with the planners, contract administrator and QS consultant in the review and assessment of delays, cost control management, procurement and scheduling, and packaging of works. Leonard’s portfolio spans various building types and includes MINDS school and Bukit Gombak Indoor Stadium. His current responsibilities include the review of consultancy services agreements and contractor appointment letters, and overseeing the project coordination and contract administration of Resorts World Sentosa (West Zone). Other ongoing projects include mixed-use medical facility Connexion and the new MediaCorp complex at Mediapolis.

TAN TENG SIEW (Senior Associate)

Tan Teng Siew has managed a wide range of building projects which have won numerous awards including BCA Construction Excellence Award and SIA Façade Award. He played a major role in obtaining the Temporary Occupation Permits for Universal Studios Singapore and Central Zone of Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), and was instrumental in driving the defects rectification work in the latter. Teng Siew was integral to the successful handover of the four Central Zone hotels in RWS and was the project manager of Equarius Hotel, Beach Villas and the Espa Villas in RWS West Zone. His current undertakings include Twin Peaks and The Minton condominiums.


Tapang Bernard Lansang is a Civil Engineering graduate with 21 years of experience in project execution and construction planning in Singapore, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines. He has worked with large-scale civil engineering and building projects such as wharf, airport facilities, dry dock, MRTs, oil rigs and lately, one of the integrated resorts in Singapore. At DP Consultants, Bernard has not only reinforced his experience in construction planning but also project management. He is currently involved in the SGD6.5 billion Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore, looking into the planning and programming of the project. Other ongoing projects include River Safari river-themed wildlife park, also in Singapore.



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